Monday, August 3, 2009

My 9 Elements Yagi Homebrew Project

Hi again..Today i'm quite free and would like to share with those reader who visit this 'funny' blog. My latest homebrew project is 9 elements Yagi. So far i still do not test the performance of that antenna because of time constrain and no suitable pole to erect the antenna. However based on the SWR ratio that i have checked, the performance was so good at 145-148 Mhz..The length of the antenna is quite long.

In the process...9 Element Yagi

Still in progress..

Done...9 element Yagi
The boom is about 3.5 meter. A bit long and need more free space to erect the antenna. I wish to put on 20 feets pole and raise it from ground level. This is because as we know the nature of Yagi is directional. So without any rotators i have to swing it around to find the most strong signal. Those who interested to check for the diagram may browse it to They provide a variety of diagram to those who happy in homebrew..Cheers 73