Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life is quite busy

Salam again..Life is quite busy lately..As usual, i keep travelling from Melaka to Shah Alam since my 'long holiday' is finished. It is too long I'm not engage in this blog. However, the true story is that, to those who ever visiting in this blog, many sorry because this is just my trial blog page. I'm not keen to stay as my permanent blog. The funny thing is that, i do not know how to build my own blog. Hahaha..Until today, i have tried to revisiting this 'funny' blog then i found there is 1 follower. My fellow friend 9w2DXN. Thanks bro for the joining and visiting this. what ever it is i appreciate that. Maybe i can learn more regarding how to reconstruct this 'funny' blog from you. Hopefully.. Many sorry also because of this 'busy life' has scratched anyone..i'm not being able to join on the day where Local repeater-Astra Melaka officially function. What ever it is...I wish tremendous congratulation to all ham in Melaka for such a great effort. Until then..See you again..73