Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm Back..

Hi sorry for the silent..Almost a year i am not write anything to the blog. However, now I'm back to be apart of blogger. Actually have nothing to say, just to show several picture which i captured while attended for RAE 2010 (December) at Shah Alam. I'm not so sure how many candidate attended for the exam but seem so many peoples around. For visitors' information, i have started back my work last June and it gives me a bundle of burden to work with. Herewith i attached several pictures for your eyes..

Bg Azmi Temerloh (9W2BDM)and Pak Maulud (9W2LUD)

Pak Razif (9W2JQQ)

Bang Kamal (9W2BMX)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Antenna Book

Hi all..just wanna share some information which i received from a friend of mine last 3 days. The book contain tremendous of variety in constructing home brew antenna for 2 meter band (144-148). So i feel it is worthy to have this. You guys may e-mail me if you akin to. So sorry because can not upload due to exceed in size permitted. The good thing about this book is the author provide a lot of design for 2 meter band. In addition, the author also provide measurement and material used for you guys to try it out. Those who can not download may e-mail me and I'll e-mail you the copy. Thanks to the author of the book for the brilliant and bright job. Until then, 73..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Trip to Melaka Zoo

Hi there.. So long not to update my blog..I'm quite busy with my study schedule. In the process of final writing of my thesis. A plenty of times have been spent in order to make it clear..Then on May I'll be back to Tg. Malim to continue my saltmine. However in my busy schedule, last two weeks my father and mother was here, so that i brought them hanging around Melaka town. Melaka Zoo is my choice this time since my harmonic always asking for it. In addition, the purpose of publishing this post is to promote the zoo to those friends who never come to this historical land. Melaka Zoo is among the top zoo in Malaysia. They also provide night safari to those who looking for something different. But i do not know how the feel is since i never join the night safari yet so far. So when we have time do come to Melaka and visit zoo or Taman Buaya which is just opposite to the zoo. To overseas visitor (my blog), it is worth to come to Malaysia cause we provide you a lot of thing to spend your holiday in Malaysia. So, herewith i attached a few pictures which has been captured along the way of my visit.

Just arrived..

Buaya Tembaga..worth to have because of the cooper..bole bikin antenna..hahaha

Small horse..Forget the scientific name..

Mr Hyppo..

Cow with long horn..

Elephant show..Beware: At the end of the session they will give you a bath for visitors.

My small family..

My family together with my fundamental..

Me and my sweet heart..youngest children..Muhammad Adam, 6 months.

My daughter..1st children..Sufya Maisara, 1 year 10 months.
Until then, pictures talk better than mouth..hope this may encourage person who visit my blog to go holiday..See you in next post..73

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Selamat tinggal 2009 selamat datang 2010..

Salam pada semua..sempena tahun baru ni aku mengucapkan selamat tahun baru kepada semua rakan-rakan ham seluruh Malaysia dan seluruh dunia yang pernah singgah ke blog aku yang tak seberapa ni. Baru belajar-belajar nak buat tak pandai sangat la. Jadi rakan-rakan yang pernah menyinggah jangan la komen kata blog aku ni simple...hahaha..memang simple pun..Jadi sempena tahun baru ni aku doakan semoga semua rakan-rakan sentiasa sejahtera dan semakin maju dari segi kerjaya, keluarga dan tak lupa hobi radio kita..Yang paling penting dan perlu diingat, radio ni adalah sekadar hobi dan bukannya kerjaya..jadi don't take too serious as how we treat our sources of income..kesempatan ni jugak aku upload gambar-gambar rakan yang pernah aku jumpa dan eyeball..mana yang sempat ambik je la..tak banyak pun..

Rakan-rakan Melaka..dari kiri; 9w2lza (xyl 9w2pfs), kak ina 9w2qtt (xyl 9w2mtt), 9w2mtt, nampak kepala je 9w2pgc, 9w2usm (pak presiden), 9w2opd dan aku xpasti sape kat hujung tu..terlindung..

Jamuan berbuka puasa rakan-rakan Shah Alam bersama Rumah Anak-Anak yatim Klang..

9W2DNO dengan set pak Tam..nampak kepala jer..

Bersama rakan-rakan Kluang semasa menyelesaikan masalah aku yang kena tipu ngan keling Kluang..Terima kasih rakan-rakan Kluang...dari kiri; nampak tangan jer..9w2jek jek, 9w2xld Shah, 9w2vll khairul, 9w2mno mat nor (nampak kepala jer), 9w2jdt pak saadon (otai Kluang..hehehe), 9w2rrl Rosli, swl melaka bg azhar (nampak kepala jer..)

Rakan-rakan Mersing semasa di Pengkalan Balak Melaka bagi menduduki RAE 2009/2..dari kiri rakan swl yang aku tak pasti nama, 9w2jsy pak jemain (pak tua mersing)... azmi mersing (terima kasih bagi keropok mersing..sedap).

Dan ini gambar harmonic aku dan xyl semasa naik eye on malaysia melaka...

Ni masa kat puncak...

Ni je la kot gambar-gambar dalam simpanan aku..yang ada aku ambik tapi terluoa save kat mana dah...nak kena beli kamera mahal baru tau menghargai..hehehe..anyway, selamat tahun baru semoga panjang umur murah rezeki...