Thursday, July 7, 2011

Newbie in trial...

Hi all..after my last post for the past several months, i kept silent until today (8 July 2011), got some time to show up after busy with my working schedule. Time is killing me and it looks like i'm the busiest people in the world..Sorry not to say that i am very important person, but i'm sure that you guys can understand after we have passed a very busy day and you will feel like there is no intention to do "unimportant thing" like blogging. Huhuhu..So, last two months, i bought one very basic HF rig (Icom IC-718). Although i'm so busy with my outdoor programme but i have decided to buy cause it was my interest since i first involved in amateur radio (year 2008. So last two was a lucky day (propagation), and i have a chance to qso at 28.490 (10 meter band) with 9W8WAT (Abg Wat) QTH Simunjan Sarawak and several more stations from Japan. Quite clear and easy to understand. So, herewith i attached the video that i have recorded. Thanks all...Just start HF..

QSO with 9W8WAT