Monday, August 3, 2009

My antenna base station

My antenna base station:
Brand: Antenna Silver V-Two 4 Special
Radiation: Omnidirectional
Frequency range: 142-148 Mhz
VSWR: 1:1.5 max
Maximum Power: 200 Watts
db: 9dB, 11.1 dBi
Length: 18 feets

v24 Special Review
My homebeli antenna base station. So far the performance is quite good. I do simplex with 9W2TGA bang Rosli Manjung on v32 with full blast of power output. My transceiver is icom ic v8000. I can listen to 9w2tga in r4 with busy mood. Just for 3-4 over then the propagation was closed. Another dx contact station is JZ04BDP Bang Power from pekan baru indonesia..He can received me well (r5 s3) with 25 watt power output. The most far dx station i think is YD6STO handle Sutikno from Sumatera Utara, Indonesia. I do not know performance of other antenna, but my colleagues always suggest me to use diamond x510. So far i do really satisfied with this v24 special performance. Those who wanna try may contact 9w2tga. The price is quite cheap compared to another antenna since the performance is quite good too. With RM280 you may own one. My intention is more on dxing and try to contact with another station who stay really really far away from my base station. By using this antenna, Kuala Lumpur is very near to me. As low as 5 or 10 watts i may contact with 9w2uaw Bang Nuar in Cheras. The dB is quite high compared to another antenna. Normally we may have this number of dB by using Yagi antenna with certain element. However it depends on you guys..Tepuk wallet tanya selera nak antenna mana...hehehehe..73